2019 SEMA Car Show

From November 5th to November 8th, Las Vegas was transformed into a car enthusiast paradise. Over 6,000 automotive companies participated in last year’s SEMA auto show. Car fanatics from all over the world flooded the Las Vegas Convention Center to enjoy all the cars and car products being displayed and sold by the biggest automotive companies. The 2019 SEMA car show featured hundreds of vehicles from all of the major auto brands. Like most car shows, modified cars were one of the most popular attractions. People of all ages gathered around the most extravagated cars watching in awe as they were displayed all around the Las Vegas Convention Center. Mach Speed was one of the many companies in attendance, showcasing their unique custom automotive products to all of those in attendance. Custom muffler tips from Mach Speed quickly became one of the most popular items amongst car enthusiasts in attendance and immediately sold out.