Your Eyes on the Road: Premium Dashcams

Reliable Recording Solutions for Safer Driving

Expert Dashcams Plus Installation

Ensure your peace of mind with our superior dashcams from Momento®, expertly installed to capture every detail of your journey. These dashcams provide crystal-clear footage, protecting you in the event of accidents, traffic violations, or unexpected incidents. With high-resolution recording, wide-angle lenses and loop recording, our Momento® dashcams offer comprehensive coverage and continuous recording without storage concerns.

Our professional installation services guarantee optimal placement for the best possible field of view and a clean, clutter-free setup with expertly concealed wiring. This ensures your dashcam functions perfectly from day one. Invest in the security and safety of your vehicle with our top-of-the-line dashcams and professional installation services, and drive confidently, knowing you have a reliable witness on the road.

Premium Dashcams installed by Mach Speed

M6 2-Channel Dash Cam w/ Wi-Fi Connectivity


M7 2k QHD 3-Channel Dash Cam

Dash Cams

Dash cameras, or “dash cams,” provide essential video and audio evidence of any on-road or off-road incident. When it comes to your personal and vehicle safety, leave nothing to doubt with the best and smartest dash cam on the road installed by Mach Speed. Contact us today at (516) 483-0500 to schedule your installation and ensure your peace of mind on every journey.

Interested in Dash Cams?

Interested in Dash Cams? Explore Momento’s cutting-edge technology with high-definition video, superior night vision, and wide-angle lenses. Ensure peace of mind on the road with our reliable dash cams. Discover more today!

Dash Cam Features

Ask us about the following Dash Cam Features and availabilty for you – 

  • 2K QHD (1440p) 3-channel
  • Built-in GPS & Speed Detection
  • Built-in LCD
  • Impact & Motion Sensors
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Full HD (1080p) 2-channel
  • Font Cmera & Rear camera
  • GPS antenna
  • Micro-SD Mmory Card
  • Optimized Battery Preservation
  • Smartphone App
  • iPhone & Android Viewer App